Vacuum packaging

As far as packaging technology is concerned, what are the applications of vacuum technology?

Generally, vacuum plays a key role in packaging technology and packaging production. Using vacuum technology can efficiently and accurately achieve packaging molding, thermoforming and coating. In addition, vacuum technology can also be used to move, transport, unpack and seal. In the packaging process, you can also use vacuum to send and embed the items to be packaged.


The vacuum technology used in the food packaging process helps to keep the food fresh for a long time-without compromising the quality of the food. Fresh food adopts MAP (Atmospheric Modulation Packaging Technology) to maintain the appearance, freshness and taste of the food.


Application examples of Creator vacuum technology in packaging technology:

• Vacuum packaging-fresh food packaging to maintain food freshness

• MAP packaging-modified atmosphere packaging for food

• Forming-direct tray forming in the packaging machine

• Blister packaging-blister thermoforming

• Foil conveying-used in tube bag packaging machine

• Labeling-quickly and securely label various packages

• Cardboard box assembly-cardboard box folding and packaging forming

• Stowage and push packaging-all outer packaging

• Central vacuum system-centralized supply of vacuum for the entire packaging department

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