On the basis of maintaining the advantages of H-150, HF-150 absorbs the advantages of similar slide valve vacuum pumps at home and abroad, corrects the imperfections of H-150, and provides customers with better vacuum equipment configuration. Changed the lubrication of shafting components and improved the life of shafting components. Adjusted the exhaust system flow channel. Make the noise lower. HF-150 is more energy-saving than H-150 (H-150 slide valve vacuum pump power is 15kw and HF-150 pump is 11kw), beautiful appearance, containerization, small footprint, small vibration, no oil injection, no leakage oil. So that the performance and reliability of the whole machine can be guaranteed and improved.

Used in aerospace, aviation, atomic, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, smelting, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating, ceramics, electrical engineering, new materials and other industries

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