The development of The Times, vacuum pump manufacturers need to pay attention to what new needs?

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      Vacuum pump is used to produce, improve and maintain the vacuum device. Commonly used models, including water ring vacuum pump and rotary piston pump, straight league rotary vane pump, roots vacuum pump, molecular pump, dry vacuum pump, etc., are widely used in plastic machinery, food machinery, cryogenic equipment, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, paper making machinery, pesticide chemical industry, vacuum equipment, dye chemical industry, medicine, chemical industry, industrial furnace, electronic, mining and foundation treatment, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of vacuum pump related downstream application industry, at the same time, under the common pull of the factors such as the continuous expansion of vacuum pump application field, China's vacuum pump industry maintains a sustained and stable development momentum, broad market space.

      It is understood that in the past, some vacuum pump manufacturers mainly focus on pressure, pumping speed and other performance indicators, often ignore the comprehensive performance of the vacuum pump. In recent years, with the continuous development of vacuum technology, the consideration of users to buy products has changed, and the technical level of vacuum pump has put forward higher requirements.

     Therefore, vacuum pump manufacturers need to continue technological innovation, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, maintain the original market, so as to continue to expand market share. So, in today's context, vacuum pump enterprises should pay attention to the development of what new needs, and then continue to force?

      First, adopt new technology, new material, optimize product structure, reduce vibration and noise. At present, with the improvement of working environment requirements of various industries, low noise equipment has become a requirement. Vacuum pump manufacturers need to constantly optimize the product structure, will encounter and vibration reduction.

     Second, to solve the problem of pump oil injection, oil leakage, to provide users with a clean and good working environment. In addition to low noise, preventing environmental pollution is also an issue to be considered. According to the customer's use, after a long time of use of vacuum pump, there will be oil injection, oil leakage and other problems, to the user's working environment. "Generally speaking, if the problem is not very serious, we will dismantle the vacuum pump, replace the wearing parts and then clean and assemble, if the problem is serious, it will bring more trouble." A food industry personnel said.

     Third, optimize the design concept and improve the equipment structure. Some manufacturers' technical personnel suggest that vacuum pump manufacturers need to apply mature and reliable design concepts to the design of vacuum pumps, and use reliability design and reliability test to greatly improve the level of free time.

     Fourth, improve the reliability, stability and life of the vacuum pump, to ensure that the vacuum pump can operate reliably under various circumstances. Vacuum pump in the application process of food machinery, medicine and chemical industry, vacuum equipment and other fields, generally need to have high stability, and long service life to ensure the stable operation of the production process, prevent frequent failures in the middle of the production schedule, and cause cost waste.

      Fifth, to personalized, diversified development. The so-called individuation and diversification is for the different needs of different customers, for the user's specific occasions of product design, so that the product in this occasion application, play just right.

     At present, some vacuum pump manufacturers with strength can not only provide personalized, diversified high-quality products, but also provide customers with high and good vacuum solutions. Feige hydraulic machinery is such a manufacturer, if there are other questions about vacuum pump, welcome to inquire, we have professional technical personnel to answer one by one for you, must provide you with a satisfactory customized solution.

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