As the cradle of science, what are the characteristics of vacuum pump used in laboratory?

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Vacuum pumps are important and widely used in laboratory.

Recently, the shaanxi Laboratory of Northwestern Polytechnical University was concerned by CCTV news broadcast, and carried out a special report. The purpose of the laboratory is to solve a number of fundamental scientific problems in the field of space and space dynamics, and to overcome a number of "bottleneck" core technologies.

Laboratory is known as the cradle of science, is the base of scientific research, the source of scientific and technological development, is an important occasion for in-depth academic exchange, plays a very important role in the development of science and technology. In the process of scientific experiments, large and small vacuum pumps are used according to needs.

In fact, there are many kinds of vacuum pumps used in the laboratory, such as small and micro turbinomolecular pumps, scroll pumps, oil-free piston pumps, and medium and large pumps such as Roots pumps (used for large space simulation), which are also used.

In scientific research, laboratory, vacuum pump is more commonly used in gas circulation, gas sampling, pumping, vacuuming indirect pumping. Used for vacuum pump in laboratory, usually with small size, light weight, no oil, easy to move/carry and other characteristics. If the process needs to extract the corrosive medium is strong, also provides that the vacuum pump has better corrosion resistance.

In general, the characteristics of vacuum pumps used in laboratories can be described in four words: small and robust. Shengong supply laboratory full series of vacuum pumps, complete models, strong applicability, can be customized according to demand, to know more, please consult us.

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